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We Stand With All of Our Community

Words are not enough, but they are a start, so let's start with this ...

The Stuart neighborhood, our neighborhood is all of ours. It should be a safe place for anyone to live, freely, fairly, and happily, and we hope that it is for you and your family. Your neighborhood association, SARA, is small, and quite honestly, struggling to fulfill its mission in meaningful ways right now. But, black lives matter, and until there is equality for people of all colors, we feel it's our duty to say that, loudly, and work to end racism where we see it.

What SARA Will Do

For now, SARA will continue to encourage involvement, cooperation, and friendships among our neighbors. We will continue to seek diversity among our Board of Directors. We will foster positive interactions at all of our meetings and events — words and ways of support, encouragement, progress, and peace are welcome (now and always).

What SARA Won't Do

We won't condone words or acts of disrespect towards any neighbors in any meetings held (public or private). We certainly won't perpetuate racist or prejudice ideas in our decision making on behalf of the neighborhood. And, we won't entertain any debates over the claim that #BlackLivesMatter, because they do. Period.


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