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Neighborhood Plan

Planning Today for Progress Tomorrow

Check out what we are planning for Stuart.


Neigborhood Plan

 With the addition of new board members and new city staff, in 2022, a plan was set out to reignite the neighborhood planning process and guide our work.  

Stuart has committed to focusing on six goals –

  • Connectivity for All Users

  • Enhance the Public Realm

  • Champion Community Building

  • Address Housing Needs 

  • Promote Historic Preservation

  • Support Woodward School.

DRAFT Stuart Neighborhood Plan - Imagine Kalamazoo

The DRAFT Stuart Neighborhood Plan is ready for public review and comment. 

(Click here to review draft plan)

(Click here to make public comment on draft plan)

Screen Shot 2023-03-28 at 10.28.31 PM.png

To request a paper copy of the Neighborhood Plan, call 311.

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