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Stay Safe, Neighbors

Covid-19 Updates from SARA

As we all do our part to minimize virus spread, SARA will continue to publish new information to help us stay safe, healthy, and connected during this time.

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Curbside Pickup Schedules

Program Update (as of April 1)


Curbside yard waste collection is on hold for now. During this time, city residents can drop off yard waste at the Best Way Transfer Station (2606 Miller Road) during business hours.

Bulk trash collection is still occurring quarterly as planned. Details are available via View from the Curb.

Residential Garbage

Non-emergency Contacts

It's easy — Dial 3-1-1

From housing inspection to Parks & Rec, connecting with the city is easier than ever! Anyone within the city limits can dial 3-1-1 to be connected with any non-emergency city services.


Outside of the city limits? The contact center can be reached by dialing (269) 337-8000.


Remodeling & Renovation

Since Stuart is a registered Historic District,  preserving the  architecture, character, and historical significance of homes in our neighborhood is essential.


The City of Kalamazoo Historic District Commission (HDC) provides official Standards & Guidelines to help homeowners maintain their properties. Some projects – signage, replacement, demolition, or addition – require HDC approval. 


Before  starting a home improvement project:

  • Check the Historic District Standards & Guidelines

  • Contact Sharon Ferraro, the Historic Preservation Coordinator at (269) 337-8804 to describe your project.

  • Submit an online application for HDC review if advised.

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