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SARA & Imagine Kalamazoo 2025

The Stuart Area Restoration Assoc. formerly voted to discontinue funding for administrative support from the City. The pros and cons of reactivating this relationship have been discussed at Board meetings. A subcommittee of three Board members, with guidance from Neighborhood Activator, Katie Reilly, have worked towards drafting an IK2025 Neighborhood Plan for Stuart based in part on survey responses collected throughout the past year.

Having a Neighborhood Plan, one that reflects the interests and aspirations of the Association, will be immeasurably useful as the Association explores this and consults with residents. We will continue to pursue this planning, but we will seek approval from SARA members before making official decisions. Look for updates in upcoming newsletters and meeting announcements.

If you are interested in shaping Stuart's Neighborhood Plan, please email us or attend upcoming monthly board meetings via Zoom to be a bigger part of the process.


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