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Annual Meeting

Every year in August the Stuart Historic Neighborhood Association holds their Annual Meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to report neighborhood outcomes, plans for the coming year, and to engage and connect with the residents. Scroll down to see the details for the 2022 Annual Meeting.


2022 Annual Meeting 

Tuesday, August 16

6:00 pm

Woodward Gardens (corner of Stuart Ave. and North St.)

Ice cold bottled water and LaCroix water will be served. Some seating will be available but we encourage you to bring a your own chair or blanket. 


- Welcome and Introductions

- Election of Board (click here to learn more about the current Board)

- Financials

- Kalamazoo Ave. Two-Way Updates 

- Neighborhood Projects  

Woodward Gardens_edited.jpg

Neighborhood Projects

Neighbors will have tables set up in the Woodward Garden Circle to engage residents on ongoing and future neighborhood projects.

- Historical Preservation and Charm

- Neighborhood Plan

- The Stuart Yard Sale & Central Market

- The Stuart Logo   

- The Neighborhood Association's 50th Anniversary Celebrations

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