Report a Problem


We've compiled a list of who to contact and how about concerns in Kalamazoo from building violations to water quality problems. If you'd like to suggest an addition to this list, please contact us.

Building and housing inspections and violations

You can use the following contact information to talk to city staff about building and housing concerns:

You can file a service request (a landlord complaint) online here: Community Planning & Development Service Request.

If you have a complaint about your landlord in the Stuart neighborhood, we suggest asking us to file the complaint for you, to keep your complaint anonymous.

City services

You can report the problems on the list below via the phone number next to them or via this online report form. If no number is listed, please call the City Manager number: 337-8047.


Concern Email Phone
Abandoned vehicle Online report form 337-8994
Dead animal Online report form  
Graffiti Online report form 337-8044
Illegal dumping Online report form 337-8044
Property: open/unsecure or unsafe Online report form 337-8026
Snow on a sidewalk Online report form  
Other blight concern Online report form  

Roads, signs, and lighting

Concern Email Phone
Damaged road sign Online report form  
Manhole cover missing Online report form  
Potholes Online report form 337-8731
Road sign obstruction Online report form  
Road sign problems Online report form  
Snow removal: roadways and sidewalks Online report form 337-8215
Streetlight outage Online report form (800) 477-5050
(Consumers Energy)
Traffic signal concerns Online report form 337-8601
Vision obstruction Online report form  

Other concerns

Concern Email Phone
Damaged mailbox Online report form  
Parking violations   342-6383
Recycling: missed pickup Online report form  
Tall grass and weeds (over 12 inches tall) Online report form 337-8847
Water main break   337-8729
After hours emergency: 337-8148
Water quality   337-8756

Public safety

Concern Email Phone
Emergency   911
Non-emergency   337-8994
KVET (Kalamazoo Valley Enforcement Team - Drug Dealing)   337-8880
Anonymous tips: Kalamazoo Silent Observer Online report form 343-2100
Report a crime online * Online report form  

* Scroll to the bottom of the page, where you can find links to report child custody violations, harassing phone calls, identity theft, lost property, malicious destruction of property, suspicious activity, theft (including theft of gas), and trouble with another person. It may take up to five business days for reports filed online to be reviewed, so use this option only for concerns that don't require a quick response.