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Feedback on Important Neighborhood Issues

Greetings, Stuart residents. We hope this space offers a safe and easy way for you to weigh in on important neighborhood issues and decisions. We want to know what matters to you so that we can make good decisions on your behalf and on the behalf of Stuart.

SARA Headquarters Survey

The fate of our current location at 530 Douglas is uncertain, and we are looking to our residents to help us make important decisions about its future.

Why We Don't Want to Sell ...


Our office has been a neighborhood presence for 40 years, and it was a big deal when we purchased it.


We hold board meetings and small events there, but there could be potential for more. 


Unlikely we could purchase or acquire another building in the future easily, because of expense and zoning. (Zoning limits where SARA can have an office.)


It's a place to store records and organization’s belongings


SARA needs a physical location in order to qualify for some sources of income (City of Kalamazoo)


Currently, it's our only source of income, but it could be used for additional community benefits and/or

alternative income.

Why We May Need To ...


The primary driver is resourcing — maintenance, insurance, utilities, liability, etc. cost time and money.


We haven't had an employee in over 5 years, so office space is largely unoccupied and not used.


Managing the rental unit is a lot of work, even with the compensation attached.


The rental is losing money and depleting organization funds, which may be put to better use elsewhere.

Give Us Your Feedback​

Overall, I think SARA should ...
If we keep it, how would you like to see our headquartes used?

Thank you for your input.

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