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SARA Meeting Minutes - December 14, 2021

Held at 530 Douglas Avenue

Present: Fred Edison, presiding; Marty Anderson, Sharon Carlson, Drew Duncan, Staci Gibson, Gary Wark, Cynthia Whittingham

Guests: Nolan Bergstom, City of Kalamazoo

Absent: Megan Campanile, Frank Rocco

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 6:11 by Edison. Edison continued to chair the meeting after Wark arrived.

Agenda: A motion was made to approve the agenda as presented. (Carlson/Whittingham)

Minutes: The November meeting minutes were approved as presented. (Whittingham/Anderson)


Treasurer’s Report

Whittingham reported we have $18,533 in our money market. She also moved $4,000 to our checking to pay for repairs. Since last month, we also received our check from the Kalamazoo Community Foundation and that is included in the amount above. We have $5347.60 in checking because a check given to the plumber has not cleared. Whittingham stopped payment on the check and will reissue another check. Payments for the mortgage, new checks, and painting expenses ($105) were made in addition to the usual bills. Whittingham will talk to Wark about getting a door knob for the door leading to the room off the meeting room. We have bought some new locks to change out, too.

Property Manager’s Report

Duncan put a new faucet in upstairs. There is a shut-off valve under the sink that needs to be replaced. Wark replaced a door and put in some blinds. The trim work around the tub surround hasn’t been put in. Whittingham has some floor tiles and adhesive to do the floor and will give it to Wark.

Old Business

530 Douglas Property Study – We solicited feedback in 2019 and got some ideas. We need additional information and costs figures. Whittingham asked Bergstrom if there are funds for developing low/moderate income housing. There was substantial discussion on how this building could be an Art Hop venue. Duncan thinks the downstairs bathroom could be done for $2,000 and by moving the door, it would allow for better flow in the apartment and make a space for the shower and a drain. Another option involves reestablishing a relationship with the City of Kalamazoo and hiring a neighborhood director.

There are three options:

  1. Neighborhood Center / Funded position

  2. Residential Rental

  3. Business Rental

The options will be presented at the January meeting for further discussion and input. If the neighborhood association decided to reengage with the City of Kalamazoo and seek funding, it would probably be prudent to present it to Association members.

Newsletter/Social Media – Carlson sent out a newsletter. We will aim for another newsletter in early next year. There was discussion on social media accounts. Anybody can be an administrator on the Facebook page. Wark and Gibson are currently administrators. For Facebook, we need a communication plan or we need to have checks so somebody can approve it. Gibson gave a brief history of how it has come down to Wark and Gibson sharing the content. Gibson has access to the website. She will work with Carlson on the website. The blog feature allows us to post minutes.

Imagine Kalamazoo/Neighborhood Plan/Contract with City – Baisden has left Kalamazoo and has returned to Fort Wayne. Bergstrom is filling in until the position is filled. Bergstrom is a City employee and working in the Planning area and the City’s sustainability plan. Bergstrom can be a resource when we begin the Neighborhood Plan and can help answer questions about reengaging with the City.

Stuart House Update – There has been more activity, but it isn’t as disruptive.

New Business

Volunteer Log – Edison is volunteered to compile a log of volunteer hours. Whittingham asked if there was value in this. Bergstrom said it is a valuable metric. Edison will contact each board member monthly.

100 Days of School/100 Years of Woodward – Whittingham will talk to Mr. Rocco about plans for an event in February and how the Association can help.

The meeting concluded at 7:46.

The next meeting is January 11, 2022.

The minutes were taken by Carlson.

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