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About SARA

The Stuart Area Restoration Association

In 1973, The Stuart Area Restoration Association (SARA), also called the Stuart Neighborhood Association, was officially formed (although functioning informally for years prior) by residents aiming to preserve the unique heritage of their neighborhood. 

Today, SARA is a registered nonprofit organization. It's still run by resident volunteers who act as a resource for information and connectivity among the people who live here.

Our Mission

SARA works to preserve our historic neighborhood and improve the quality of residential life through mutual cooperation and involvement.

What We Do

We connect residents to resources and each other and work to make Stuart a safer, more beautiful place to live. Key activities include: 

  • Organizing social gatherings and charitable events

  • Keeping public safety officials apprised of issues and priorities in the neighborhood

  •  Publishing neighborhood e-newsletters

  • Offering accessible online resources

  • Performing periodic surveys to help us better know and serve our neighbors

  • Advocating for the neighborhood in local government

Meet Our Board

Gary Wark Chair
Fred Edison Vice Chair

Sharon Carlson Secretary
Cynthia Whittingham Treasurer

Marty Anderson Member

Megan Campanile Member
Drew Duncan Member

Dave Engener Member

Irma Lopez-Wall Member

Join Our Board of Directors

The SARA Board is a great way to get involved, make friends, and affect positive change right where you live. Any and all Stuart residents are eligible.

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