About the Stuart Neighborhood in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Where is Stuart?

Kalamazoo's Stuart neighborhood is northwest of downtown Kalamazoo, within easy driving and cycling distance. It's bordered by Douglas Avenue to the west, North Street to the north, Westnedge Avenue to the east, and West Main to the south.

People in Stuart

We have homeowners and renters who have lived here for decades. In the large, old houses converted into apartments, we have a lot of college students who might live here for as little as a school term or stay here until or after graduation. Increasingly, people who work downtown are choosing to live in nearby Stuart. We have single people, heterosexual couples, same-sex couples, artists, musicians, wealthy people, not-so-wealthy people...we welcome diversity.

We're a community of people who care about our neighborhood and each other. If you have loud parties and disrupt the quality of life, you can expect the police to be coming to your door. If you let your property get into disrepair, expect to receive a friendly letter reminding you of your responsibility to take care of your property. But if you care about other people and want to live in a community where neighbors know and help each other, you'll fit right in.

Stuart neighborhood values

  • A safe, clean, and beautiful environment
  • Protection of our historical heritage through preservation and enhancement of historical architecture
  • Open communication, participation, and collaboration among neighborhood members to achieve the SARA mission

The Stuart Area Restoration Association

The Stuart Area Restoration Association (SARA) was founded in 1973 by local residents concerned with property issues. Forty years later, SARA continues to be the advocate for, and the voice of the neighborhood. Sponsored by the City of Kalamazoo, SARA is composed of a board of directors who hold monthly meetings, host community events, and encourage resident involvement.

The mission of the Stuart Area Restoration Association is to preserve our historic neighborhood and improve the quality of residential life through mutual cooperation and involvement.

Information and assistance

The Stuart Area Restoration Association strives to provide information and assistance to all our residents and absentee owners. If you have questions or concerns about housing, rentals, problems in the neighborhood (trash, noise, junk autos, barking dogs, etc.), please contact us. We also invite you to contact us if you aren't a Stuart resident but have questions about Stuart.