Board and Staff

Board of directors

Our board of directors has eight to 10 members, which are voted on at our annual meeting. These are our board members as of April 2014:


Max Tibbitts

Vice chair

 Valarie Bader


 Jenn Keyser


 Dana Underwood

Directors at large

Jeff Siuda
Sandra Morris

The chair, vice chair, secretary, and treasurer form our executive committee.

Executive director

 Max Tibbitts

Meeting schedule

  • Our board meetings are on the second Tuesday of the month. Unless otherwise specified, they're at 7pm at the Stuart office. The public is welcome to attend. If you have an action item you'd like included on the agenda, please send it to the Stuart office at least a week before the next board meeting. All agenda items are reviewed for inclusion by the executive committee.
  • We have business development meetings on the first and fourth Tuesday of the month to discuss Stuart business. Unless otherwise specified, they're at 6:30 pm at the Stuart office.
  • Our annual meeting is on the second Tuesday in April. The place and time are published in advance.

Meeting times, places, and changes are published on this website (see our calendar), on our Facebook page, and on our Twitter page.


The bylaws of the Stuart Area Restoration Association were originally adopted on July 8, 1980 and were last amended and approved on April 12, 2016.

Stuart 2016 By-laws