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Welcome to the historic Stuart neighborhood. One of Kalamazoo's first authentic neighborhoods, the area is notable for its physical beauty, ideal location, and diverse population. Neighborhood residents enjoy a low crime rate, a high quality of life, and an intimate environment where neighbors take care of each other. Guided by the Stuart Area Restoration Association (SARA), the neighborhood takes pride in its historical significance and well-kept properties. The area maintains its classic charm while existing within a modern society.

If you're looking for a place to live in Kalamazoo, where you can buy or rent a historic home or rent an apartment in a historic house, we hope the information on this site will help you make your decision. If you already live in the Stuart neighborhood, we will have lots of information on this site for you, from activities and events to how to maintain historic homes. And if you live nearby, we hope you'll consider joining us for our special events.

What's new

September 28th:

Where have all the flowers gone . . . and why?

This past Saturday, Stuart Neighborhood made its corner plantings available to neighborhood residents.  This move was discussed at several Board Meetings, and a brief recap is provided here for those who were not able to attend those Meetings (2nd Tuesday of the month at 7pm at 530 Douglas).  Planting and maintenance of the corner beds required significant volunteer hours by a small (3-4) volunteer team.  Because there is no water on the corners, volunteers lugged 5 buckets of water per corner in the summer months.  Volunteers also weeded each corner and disposed of the yard waste throughout the spring and summer.  Efforts to recruit additional volunteers through direct solicitation as well as through the Neighborhood Newsletter were unsuccessful.  Without additional volunteers, efforts to ensure the plantings and corners met City Code requirements and continued to be a positive contribution to the Neighborhood could not be sustained.   The corners will be leveled out and grass seed will be planted in the coming weeks.

Board Members: Do you love where you live? Are you passionate about the Stuart community and the City of Kalamazoo? SARA is looking for dynamic and passionate members of the Stuart Community to sit on our Board of Directors. Serving on the board is a terrific way to learn more about the neighborhood and City of Kalamazoo . Members (defined as residents, property owners, and those employed in the neighborhood) are eligible to serve on the board and also eligible to vote on board members. Exercise your right to vote. Take part in democracy at the grass roots level. In order to be qualified to apply for the Board of directors you must:  Live or own a business in the Stuart Neighborhood  Be at least 18 years old  Be able to attend monthly Board of Directors meeting, every second Tuesday of the e month at 7:00 pm. Interested applicants can contact Sarah Hoisington at the 530 Douglas Office for more information and an application

September 26th: Beatification of the Stuart Neighbor-hood has been and will always be a priority of the Stuart Area Restoration Association. Unfortunately, due to several variables SARA will no be able to maintain the flower beds at the corners of Kalamazoo Ave and Elm, Woodward, and Stuart.
SARA is in the process of contacting each corresponding property owner about our plans and intentions. SARA is intending on digging up all the flower and plants, in order to plant grass seed.
These flowers have been a beautiful part of the Stuart Neighborhood for many years. Because of this, the SARA Board of Directors would like to offer the plants and flowers to members of the Stuart Neighborhood for a 2-5 dollar donation per plant.
SARA Board Members will be sitting by these corners on Saturday September 26th from 9:00am-12:00pm. If you are interested in obtaining any of these plants please show up with a shovel.

September 12th: SARA is looking for community members and volunteers to help paint the outside of our 530 Douglas Ave house. If you, or anybody you know would be interested in volunteering , please con-tact our Executive Director Sarah Alcenius-Hoisington by phone or email to sign up for a shift. Shifts will be broken up into two 4 hour shifts.
Shift 1: Saturday September 12th, from 8:00am-12:00pm
Shift 2: Saturday September 12th, from 12:00pm-5:00pm
Shift 3: Sunday September 13th, from 8:00am-12:00pm
Shift 4: Sunday September 13th, 12:00pm-5:00pm

August 2: SARA will be holding our annual National Night Out gathering. This family friendly event will be Tuesday August 4th, 2015 in collaboration with the City of Kalamazoo and the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety. It will be held from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at West Main Park.* SARA will provide pizza, bottled water, plates, napkins, and silverware. We ask that you bring a desert to pass and your own lawn chairs to sit in. This years Nation Night Out will feature the Chiefs Office, K-9, Metro SWAT, and Engine 5. Take this unique opportunity to not only engage one-on-one with the Stuart Community but the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety. The Purpose of Nation Nigh Out 1) Heighten crime and drug awareness; 2) Generate support for, and participation in, local anti-crime efforts; Strengthen neighborhood spirit and police/community partnerships; 3) Send a message to criminals letting them know neighborhoods are organized and fighting back. *Rain location will held at Karen Leys at 437 Woodward Ave.

August: To assist residents who have received a notice of violation for graffiti on their property the City of Kalamazoo has acquired and distributed graffiti removal supplies to the core neighborhood associations. These supplies include solvents for brick and masonry surfaces and wipes for glass, metal or other hard surfaces. These supplies are not suitable for painted surfaces. If it is a painted surface, usually the best course of abatement is to paint over the graffiti. Residents wishing to participate and utilize the free graffiti removal supplies must sign a waiver and provide before and after photographs to S.A.R.A. Residents are required to  Read refer to Safety and Instruction Manual prior to and while using supplies.  Sign a release and waiver of liability for the City of Kalamazoo and SARA  Provide a pre and post picture of the area  Return unused products to the neighborhood association for use by another resident  Refer to date removal deadline found in notice of violation, if applicable Important Points  Graffiti Removal Kits are only available to owner occupied residents of Stuart  Do not use products on painted wood surfaces. Graffiti on these surfaces should be painted over. This will prevent exposure to possible lead paint and destruction of surfaces as the solvent can cause further damage to wood surfaces  Please use safety equipment supplied with the kit. There are potential health hazards to using this kit improperly If you are interested in participating in the City of Kalamazoo Graffiti Removal Kit program or you are interested in more information please contact Sarah Hoisington at the SARA Office

July: Stay In Touch With Your City With an increasing number of people using social media and the internet as their news source, the City has started utilizing these tools as a way to encourage participation and keep citizens informed. Meeting schedules, agendas, updates to ongoing projects, construction projects, elections information, and deadlines are just a few examples of information posted on our social media pages, and @KalamazooCity on Twitter. Citizens can also join the City’s bi-monthly email newsletter (published the Friday before each City Commission meeting) which contains the Commission agenda and other news from around our community. To join the email list, connect on social media, and even download the Metro Transit App, visit

May 14: The Chamber and Catholic schools of Greater Kalamazoo are showcasing the new playground and fields at St. Augustine Cathedral and School on May 14th at 4pm. The event will be at the Gazebo in the community Garden section of the new Playground at:

St. Augustine Cathedral School
600 West Michigan Avenue
Kalamazoo, MI 49007

  The Mixer is benefiting the Stuart Area Restoration Association . Food and beverages will be provided and there will be a presentation about the project and the cooperation between the Chamber, St. Augustine's, and SARA.

April 22: Kalamazoo Community Planning and Development is announcing proposed changes to Article VIII, the abandoned residential structures, chapter 9 of the Kalamazoo code ordinances.

You can view the proposed changes here ARS Ordinance Amendment Summary 4-20-15 (1)

A meeting to collect feedback regarding the proposed ordinance amendments will be held at 5:30pm on May 21, 2015 at City Hall in the Community room on the 2nd floor

April 14:  The Stuart Area Restoration Association will host its annual meeting at Woodward School on April 14 at 7:00pm.. The monthly Board of Directors meeting will occur before the meeting at 6:00. Please enter from Stuart Avenue.

March 11: The City of Kalamazoo has launched a new website where the public and connect and collaborate with the local decision makers and fellow residents about the future of our community. This is the start of Priority based budgeting for Kalamazoo in which community members will be asked where they think money needs to be allocated for. Your input is important! So please visit and add your ideas.

March 11:  It has come to the attention of SARA (the Stuart Neighborhood association) that several of our neighbors have received by email and letters requests to joins and share the names of neighbor's by a group called "Next Door Stuart".   SARA wants to make it clear that we are not affiliated with "Next Door Stuart". SARA will not ask you to share your contacts or neighbors names and addresses.

March 4: There are two vacancies presently on the City of Kalamazoo - Zoning Board of Appeals.   The  Zoning Board of Appeals meets once a month, typically the second Thursday of each month,  at 7 PM in the evening. More information can be obtained from Peter C. Eldridge, AICP, Project Coordinator at or the PDF here.

February 25: The Michigan Historic Preservation Network has announced two Preservation workshops to be held in March. One will be on Window Preservation and will be held in Kalamazoo March 26th through the 29th. More information is listed here.

February 9: We have an executive director job opening. Applications are due by February 23.